My Opinion of the
The Telcom Reform Act of 1996
A nobody, without a vote, just like you.

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Fools regulating what they don't understand. A kid can get a fake ID and get into a bar, so lets make it illegal to have a bar anywhere in the sight of a child under 21. A 17 year old could peek (without invitation) into the windows of your home, so making love with your wife would also be illegal unless your home had no windows. But don't forget, the government will have the right to peek in your windows to see if you are breaking the "no sex with windows" law.

UWorld Flagstterly preposterous you think to yourself. The net is a "World community". Laws should only be applied in a way that would be fair to the world as a whole. One persons perversion is someone else's religion. One persons language is another persons verbal assault. One persons art is another persons pornography. One country's legal age is another country's child abuse.

Congress needs to log in. I know you can send them all Email, but I doubt any of them ever log in themselves. If they did they would understand that you find what you look for on the Internet. I can surf for a week and never see a naked body. But if naked is what you want, you can find it.

KI Could safe net? Would you as a parent take your kids to a strange town, drop them off and say "See you tomorrow. Have fun". That would be considered child abuse, and abandoning your children. If as a parent you do the same thing with the Internet, the charges should be the same.

Young people "Need to be protected". That is just an excuse. I have kids, they surf the net, but they do it supervised. These parents want to be able to plop their kid down on the computer and have it be a baby sitter. They say that "they don't understand computers". Well idiots... Can you read? Can you at least look at pictures? Try looking over their shoulder sometime. It is that easy.

OLawsld farts in the legislature need to be removed. Lets vote in a younger, 40 year old legislature. Most of them won't be senile yet. They will be more in touch with what reality is. They won't be looking at the world, while remembering how nice it was 70 years ago on the farm, subliminally trying to re-create the world they remember from the "good ol' days". Reality bites sometimes, but reality is just that, Reality. Get with the program.

Understand what you regulate. Since the Internet spans the world, and is a community on its own, shouldn't there be a law passed that forces the government to allow the Internet users to vote on their own fate, and not let "non users" vote. This whole situation is like Arizona passing a law for Minnesota.

Shouldn't Minnesota want to save water also?

See how stupid this whole thing is. The law that should be passed is:

"Whomever is letting a minor surf un-supervised,
should be guilty of neglect".

Using the same logic, as this law applies to us, lets consider the following: