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New Features Scanner Control New Audio Features.

New Page Scanner Control Development.

Updated Rant and Rage.

New Department added. Ask a Technician.

New Version of Password Generator Version 3.3.

Desktop Background Images from my trip to Oregon. Enjoy.

New Version of Audio Media Player Available. New Features.

New Version of Zip-Lock Available. New Features.

New Version of Disk Test Available. New Features.

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New features...

(Select Style) I added the Select Style feature at the top of the page. Change the style sheets for the page to something that is easier for you to see. The page will set a cookie so it will continue to display in that mode the next time you visit.

Try the new Style and Colors

(User Feedback) I have implemented a user feedback feature at the bottom of each page. It sends me an anonymous Email with your comments. The only data I get in the email are your comments and the page you were on when you sent. If you don't mind taking a few seconds to tell me what you think, I appreciate all the input. I am trying to make this site Look and Work well. I have noticed that many times people do not take the time to comment in the Contact Us section and a pro or con comment does not elevate to the point where you want to send a comment that needs a reply. Plus, who really wants to give out their email address any more than they have to.
So tell me what you think. Thank You for the feedback.

ABBS Software Version Data
     Application Latest Version Release Date
     Audio Media Player 3.1 05/12/11
     Disk Test 3.2 04/20/11
     Zip-Lock 3.0 05/06/11
     Time Stamp Notes 2.1 02/23/11
     Electronic Flash Cards 2.1 02/18/11
     Password Manager 3.0 07/18/10
     Password Generator 3.3 07/11/11

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