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Here are a few of the websites that I have designed. Some are real and some are just examples to stimulate your imagination. The best example is the website you are on now.

  • All of the pages of this site are swapped in by PHP. so there is only one index file.
  • The headers and footers are constant.
  • All the images shrink and grow with the size of the displayed page.
  • The buttons and all the graphics were created by me. Origianls, not copies from somewhere else.
  • The PHP modifies the buttons to show the screen you are on.
  • You can change the "Style" of the page and a cookie will be placed to set the screen the way you like when you visit next time.
  • If you leave a comment with the Email form (Contact us Page), the site will remember your First and Last name for a friendly hello the next time you visit. No Pop-Ups. Just a Welcome back on the top of the page.
  • If you comment again, since the cookie knows your Name and email address, those fields will be filled in for you.
  • Easy to understand source code you can modify yourself later. If you do not want to make changes yourself, I will always be available for a low hourly rate.

Feel free to cruise around and view some of my work.

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image at EUC.QSNX.NET

This website I created for a friend that needed to put up some pictures of items he had for sale from his parents estate. I set it up so the images can be added remotely along with the information for each image. The information is in a MySql database and the user interface is a standard "fill in the blanks" form.

Visit the website and look for yourself

Ricks Gallery screenshot.
image at EUC.QSNX.NET

This next one is one I created for my daughter. A simple "Home Page" for her chinchilla breeder business.

Visit the website and look for yourself

Love my Chinchillas screenshot.

The owner of this website promotes the
image at EUC.QSNX.NET