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Time Stamp Notes ScreenShot.Overview:

As with all my programs I write them to make my life easier. This program, "Time Stamp Notes" addresses a problem I always encounter. Whether surfing, writing, or programming I frequently make little notes. Like most of you I keep a notepad text file handy that I use as a scratch pad. I keep little snippets in there, usually a copy and paste from somewhere.

    I wrote this to make that process easier.
  • The program has a standard Notepad memo entry mode with wordwrap.
  • Each time you add something it is put at the Top of the file.
  • It has a built in paste button to make even that easier.
  • It adds a Date and Time Stamp just FYI.
  • Adds whitespace around your note.
  • A View File mode so you don't have to fire up notepad ever again.
  • The file it creates is just a TXT file that is still 100% compatible with notepad or any other program.

It can be used for notes, as a diary, a permanent clipboard, scratch pad, enlightened thoughts, whatever you want.

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It is free. Yet Donations,to a starving student are greatly appreciated. Click the PayPal button or leave a message to the Donation department of the Contact Us page.

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All ABBS programs are compatable with Windows W95, W98, W2000, XP, Vista and W7.

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