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I have an old RadioShack Pro-2035 Hyperscan Scanner. It works great. 80 chan per sec. Once you "know the frequencies". But at finding the frequencies is useless. Manually, you are pushing buttons constantly, and the auto mode grabs every noise, carrier and data. Again you have to push a million more buttons.

* Did you know that all electronic components run on "Smoke"? From Transistors to IC's. Caps to Coils, Wires to Resistors. They all stop working if you let the "smoke out"... I digress.

In came the OptoScan535 pcb, and a copy of RadioMax software that I purchased. I was happy again.

Years passed, computers upgraded. Times change and one day I didn't have a serial port anymore. The OptoScan535 board Controlled By RadioMax can't work with windows past XP and no company to upgrade with. The software on the market may be great if it does what you want. Spent time looking for the OptoScan535 Communication specs on and off and never found. Moot point since still no Comm. port serial.

Then a Christmas miracle.
I suddenly stumbled onto a USB2.0-Serial DB9 adapter. No powered converters and max chips. It runs under software and gives you a plug-n-play com port. Cool, half of the problem obverted. Now on to HOW to COMMUNICATE and the OptoScan535 Comm. specs. Off to the Google world and after hours of obscure references I found an old GeoCities website for some Ham and he had the Complete Text of the Communication Documentation for the OptoScan535.

The Christmas Miracle Continues.
My USB adapter came, It installed, no problem. Plugged it into the OptoScan, good, no smoke*. I Grabbed a Comm. port Routine off the Web for my Delphi-Pascal, and after a few obvious syntax corrections, Delphi Liked it. That never happens. Made my first two App buttons in Delphi Turn on and Off the Scanner Local mode. Within 5 minutes it was working.

30 minutes, from installing the cable to communication. That is the end of the Christmas miracles.

Now the fun.

What Do I Want?
A)Go through all the frequencies. B)Remove what I don't want. C)Listen to what is left.

I decided to attack the problem this way and it seems to have worked out quite well. The Program takes a list of frequencies, and scans, Marking all Squelch hits. At your discretion you can "STRIP" the hits out of the file. They are put in a new file of just Hits. Those "HITS" were removed from the original file, never to notify you again. Later you can scan the file again and you will only get NEW hits.

Then you scan the HIT file. You can let the counters and Graph build up data as to what is busy or not. Easily delete Data and Bleed-Over, and Carrier channels. Again, never to hear from them again.

When you hear someone talking you hit the "MONITOR" button, and that freq is put in the monitor file and removed from the "HIT" file. Later you can scan the items in the monitor file to determine what they are.

All the freqs, comment, and count are in Notepad compatible/editable files. The format is easy and obvious. No limits, to number of files, the freq or Type order (am, wfm, nfm) within the file.

New Features:

Wav File Auto Record (like RadioMax). I had to put that in.
     Records Wav files for you to come back later and listen to everythng on a channel by channel basis. With all the first,last,next type controlls.
     Other things I have added
Individual channel alarms to call you when a in-frequent channel is hit.
Individual Temp lockout flags to force the channel skip.
Unlike RadioMax, I can continue recording new wav files while I am playing already recorded ones.
New Interlace Mode... Doubles the "Find" speed.

Here is a screen capture of the program as it sits today.
Computer Controlled Scanner ScreenShot

If anyone is interested in:

Helping in the design/testing of the program.
The OptoScan535 communication documentation.
My list of active Scanner Freqs for Riverside California.

Send me a line. Email: [email protected]

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