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Ha. While I was surfing the other night and found something I wrote back in 1995 about the Telcom Reform Act. It is still live on the web after 16 years.

Click here to view my opinion of the Telcom Reform Act of 1996.

Rant over. (8-07-2011)


I must be getting soft...

It has been over a year now and nothing has pissed me off to the point where I feel the need to vent on the website. Congratulations world. For coming around to my point of view.

Rant over. (7-24-11)


Well isn't this typical!

I created these pages with Publisher 2007 (by Microsoft). It runs under Windows (by Microsoft), and the pages all work fine with Firefox and Chrome. Yet with Internet Explorer (by Microsoft) it won't show the menu select on the left side of this page.

Microsoft's Web publisher won't create files that IE can understand properly.

Dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb.

Rant over. (6-23-2010)


I uploaded this video to YouTube and they didn't allow the audio track to be played. Why, because I used a background song to be played during the video. I agree with copyright laws, but I don't think anyone is going to steal a copy of my soundtrack to get a free song. For the following reasons:

1) It isn't the full song.

2) It has sound effects mixed over the song.

I can't believe that someone would extract the audio track unless they wanted a copy that has a bear growling in places for no apparent reason, and has bloops and bings through out. The audio is mixed and the noises cannot be removed. Yet YouTube's software recognized the song and they cut the track. Hell the sound track is the whole punch line to the video. "Whoop, there it is" was the whole point of the joke. I have a legit copy of the CD. What's next, If I have music playing in the background when I make a phone call, is Ma-Bell going to mute my conversation until I turn the CD player off?

Download video to see and judge for yourself. Chinchilla Video 53.4 MB (56,033,280 bytes)

Rant over. (6-13-2010)

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