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I am to programming like a garage mechanic is to an Auto Shop. I do small projects. Little useful utilities. I am not going to write the next word processor, or next "Excell". But there are many little projects that people need done.

Say you need a program to mine the names out of a database. Or need a program to format for printing a file where the data is all in hex. Well that is the kinds of things I do.

If you went to a real "programmer" even a little project would cost you thousands of dollars, and you would resign yourself to just doing all the manual things you do to get the job done. That's where I come in.

If you have some project that would be useful to you, let me know about it. It might be something a few other hundred people in the US may need. I might agree and create the utility that you want. Or if you want something specific that only you would ever need then my rates are a lot less than trying to hire a programmer.


I wrote a program that looked at the company database where I worked. It just looked for the names and extensions for the employee phones. Sure we could have got the IS department to create something like that but they never had the time. I just created a little app that allowed the employees to enter a couple letters and they would be presented with a list of matching names. A simple string search. So if you wanted Dave Hastelhof, his name and all the others that had "da" in their first or last name showed on the list. Adding more letters refined the presented list and within a few letters you would see the name you wanted. A click on his name caused the modem in your computer to pick up and dial his extension. It was a simple thing I wrote for myself, but soon everyone on the network was using it and soon the company didn't have to print out new phone lists every month. It was always using the latest and greatest information, as of today.

Take a look at my "Password manager". Download and try it. It is just a simple string search input. But within a couple letters you will have the password you need and with one click it is in your clipboard ready to paste into a website. Sure there are other programs that will take password management to the N'th degree. Like "KeyPass". A great program. If you are a systems analysis and have to manage 100 websites and thousands of users it may be right for you. But if you are like me and only have to manage 100 personal passwords, my program is much easier.

I wrote a little app that would let me download a file on the internet where the filename is what is in my clipboard. I was forever looking at the source of pages and copy/pasting the filenames into another program to download. So once I mark and Ctrl-C to copy, I press one button and it creates a html file and shells my web browser up and passes that html file. Now with one button I have a "click here to download" link. I know it isn't a big deal and there are other programs that can do that. But along with those other programs come 20 other features that get in the way. And turn a simple job into 10 buttons to push.

Sometimes simpler is better. But no I won't sell 100 million copies. I'll be happy to find the 100 that can use the simple version. After all that is all I want and need.

I'll be happy to find the 100 that can use a simple but easy version. After all that is all I want and need, so there should be another 100 people in the country that it would be perfect for them also.

* Excell Copyright by the Microsoft Corp.
* KeyPass Copyright Dominik Reichl Haydnstr. 12, 72555 Metzingen,Germany

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