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 Password Manager 

Keep your passwords in a searchable data base. Encrypted. 1 click pasting.

Password Manager ScreenShot.The Password Manager gives you a "one stop" location to keep track of all your passwords. It allows you to store a record that contains a Description, Username and Password. Then later you can just enter a character or two of the description and all the matching records will be listed. Click on the description you want to see and the Description, Username and Password pop into the "Selected Record Data" box. Then clicking on any of those items, puts that line right into your clipboard, ready to Ctrl-V Paste into your other application.

If you have a lot of passwords, you got to get this one.

When you are creating a new record. You go to the Add Record tab. Fill out or paste in your description and Username information. Then you can click a button in this program and it will even create you a unique random password. Save the record you just added and that random password is still in your clipboard, ready to paste into another application.

You have the ability to Add, Change, and Search with just a click. You can Back-up your data whenever you want. The program will remind you to Back-up every 30 days if you forget.

You can save the data in Encrypted or Plain text modes. You will usually use the encrypted mode, but if you want to do some mass editing, you can switch to the plain text mode and edit your passwords with notepad. This is also nice if you ever want to create a hard copy and print them out to be stored somewhere safe.

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