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New Version 3.3. Released 07/11/11. Creates a random password into your clipboard for pasting.

Password Generator, Configurable.Need a random password generator, all by itself? Well here it is. I hear that people are even afraid of programs like KeyPass, concerned that there may be a backdoor that may pass your password data to someplace on the web. Well what do they do? They go online to a web site that generates random passwords. How can this be any less secure.

Why not generate your password locally right on your machine? This program is a subset of my Password Manager. This program does not manage them. It just creates them. Also rather than creating the password and you having to mark, copy and paste, with this program the random password is instantly on your screen and also in your clipboard. All you have to do is paste.

It can be configured to create passwords with a length of 6-200 characters. In the normal mode, Every password will have 1/3 Lower case, 1/3 Upper case, and 1/3 numbers. No funny characters, just Caps, Lowercase and Numbers. Random in placement in the string and random values. If you turn on the extra characters they will be included also. The program self terminates, You click on the exe or a shortcut to the exe and boom, you got a password in the clipboard, all ready to paste.

Consider using my Password Manager also. Simple and easy to use. Easy searching on any or all of the fields which include: Description, Username, and Password. If you are looking for your passwords to mail, all you will have to do is enter a couple letters, like "YA" and the list you see will only be the items that have a "YA" in the description. As you type the list will get smaller, until you see the description you want. Then one click and the whole record is shown, Click on any data item and the data is automatically inserted into your clipboard, ready for you to paste. No having to mark, and copy in this program either. The program will manage up to 9999 passwords.

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