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These are a group of programs that I have written to use personally and I always share. This is my way of giving back to the community for all the free software I have picked up and used over the years.

The applications I write are usually written because I need a program to do something and either there is no program available to do the job or the ones that are available are too "full featured" to where they are hard to use for the simple thing I want to do.

None of these programs need registry entries. So there are no compatibility problems from W95 through W7. I have put them into WinRar zip files so the file size will be minimal. You can make the appropriate shortcuts into the start menu or on the desktop as you wish. Originally I put them in Install Shield installers, but it made each of the files close to 4 megs each.

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If you are concerned about the program, verify it with your own security scanner or upload it to a place like and have it checked out by 20+ scanners at once. Virus total will open the Zip file and scan all the files contained. So you can scan it before you even open the Zip. Give these programs a try, and if you do not like them, just delete them.

Feel free to distribute any of these programs to anyone for their personal use. If they are used by a company they should pay a licensing fee. See the Terms of Service page. Of course if you ever decide to donate any cash to me, I will graciously accept.

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Please feel free to make suggestions:

  • New features to add into any of my programs.
  • Refining the features that already exist.
  • New programming projects.

Select Contact Us on the left of the page and make a suggestion.

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