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Flash Cards ScreenShot.Overview:
This program will create Electronic Flash Cards. To be used just like regular (old school) manual flash cards. My daughter still uses flash cards to study for tests in college. Many other students do also. It is still the best way to drill things into your head. Not only does it force you to write things down, but the repetitions re-enforce the memory. Answering the questions in a continuously random order also helps.

If you can get your friends to also use this program you can share flash card files with each other.

  • Unlimited test sets.
  • Unlimited questions per set.
  • Answer questions in order or in a random fashion.
  • Easy question and answer data entry.
  • Integrated help instructions.
  • The window scales all items on the page.

When you make the window bigger all buttons and text scale up proportionally, not just more white space. This makes it easier to use if on touch screen computers.

What an honor. My software has become visible enough that the hackers are checking it out. They have found that windows applications are vulnerable to buffer and stack overflows. What a concept!

So in the situation they describe:
If you replace the .FCD file which normally holds questions and answers in notpad compatable text.
Replace it with a file that contains a ton of code and hieroglyphics, rename the file .fcd.
Con someone into opening it.

OK. Problem solved.

Look at the .FCD file in notepad.
If it looks like a list of questions and answers, it probably is.
If it looks like hieroglyphics, it probably is not questions and answers.

So yes I guess you could. You could also in the same mentality pass out a new version of firefox which includes a batch file called “run me I am really neat.bat” that has format c:/s/v in it.

But just cause I am a nice guy. I’ll make it a requirement on the next version to Display the question list and approve it before the program runs. Something like that. I just don’t want to pull the questions and answers editing completely into the program. Then I will have total control of the input, but the user will lose their ability to edit outside.

I’ll have to think about it.

Any input will be received graciously. Just leave a quick comment, or if you want a reply, a comment in the Contact us section.

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Flash Cards is free. Yet Donations to a starving student are greatly appreciated. Leave a message to the Donation department of the Contact Us page.

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All ABBS programs are compatable with Windows W95, W98, W2000, XP, Vista and W7.

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