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"Electrons Under Control" is the short form of a quote I coined many years ago, "Computers, Electrons under control".

Here is where I make the Free ABBS software available, also where I plan to rant a bit. If you don't want to listen to an old fart speak his mind then I would not go to the Rant & Rage page. The rant page is not a wiki or a blog, it is just my thoughts and comments. It is not a discussion area. It is my opinions, and to be honest I can be bull headed when it comes to people trying to tell me I am wrong. If you feel the need to tell me how stupid you think I am, you can send an email to me with the link shown on the page and I might even write back (emphasis on the word MIGHT).

Back before Windows was DOS. Remember DOS? I started on DOS 1.1. I used to run a BBS back in those days. It was the first IBMpc BBS in the Inland Empire (Riverside/San Bernardino Southern California). I named the BBS, "EUC". Ran it on a dual drive (5 1/4 floppy). I use to have to swap out the drive B floppy to fill users requests for different files. I upgraded to 1-10mb HD then to 2. At the end I had 2-40mb drives. I was state of the art at the time (Ha). Then about 7 years later I closed it down because there was this new thing, the INTERNET.

I'm dating myself so enough about the dinosaur crap.

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